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You have a unique personality so your Senior Photos should show who you are and what you feel passionate about. Before we schedule your senior photo session, we will ask specific questions to get to know you, establish your style and preferences. We all know, Moms hold on to senior photos forever so we take your senior portraits very seriously.

Inviting you to the studio for a Planning Session is the first step. It’s just a 20-30 minute appointment and there’s no charge or obligation. We can learn so much more about who you are and what’s most important to you from a short 20-30 minute chat in person than we ever could from some online form or questionnaire. Online questionnaires or FAQ are incredibly impersonal. Experts can’t seem to agree on the exact percentages but it’s commonly known that our non-verbal components (body language and voice tone) are the dominant factors in our ability to communicate with one another. Experts do agree, however, that your portraits will communicate 100% non-verbally ;-). So come in and chat with us. It’s the best way for us to get to know the senior, find out what they like or don’t like, what’s important to you both, help with ideas and outfits, and share other tips/recommendations. We’ll also review all the options for sessions, products and the fees so seniors and parents know exactly what to expect when it comes time to place your order. When it comes time to book your senior session, we will collect the session fee plus a $350 advance toward your purchase. So scheduling a planning session is a perfect way to make sure we’re all on the same page before you take that step. 























306 N Spokane St A,
Post Falls, ID 83854
Ph: 208.773.9712



" I hate having my picture taken. My wife loves family pictures and I will always oblige. That being said, Kibbee was great to work with. He worked wonders with my 5 year old and 15 month old, and even more challenging, he made me comfortable and I may have even had some fun.

Even more is the rest of the services he offers, even helping you create a display for a specific area of your home. I'm a manager in customer service, and not easily impressed. With a new "photographer" popping up all the time, Kibbee and Artisan set themselves apart as true professionals and gifted artists "

- McKee S


"Highest level of professionalism. He really spends the time to understand who the subject is, and what they want, BEFORE he starts shooting. Then he is a master at capturing the real essence of people through the camera. A true Artist."

- Mark P.


"Hands down best commercial photo shoot I've ever had done for my company. Kibbee is an extremely talented professional."

- Sarah B.


306 N Spokane St A,
Post Falls, ID 83854



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