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This distinguished product was designed to meet the most discriminating of artistic tastes for a lasting portrait of your family or child. Beautifully blended mixed-media portraits start as a beautifully created photographic composition of light, color, composition and expression. After retouching and artwork, brush strokes are individually added by hand to transform it into a beautiful painted piece. To achieve the best of both the photography and painted canvas, special attention is given to the face, eyes, lips and expression. Delicate and soft strokes in the features of the faces keeps the likeness of our loved ones familiar and realistic, reminiscent of the times before photography when the world’s most renowned artists painted for a sense of realism.

As the process moves away from the faces and into the clothing, more recognizable brush strokes are visible and the painting begins to come to life. In the foreground and background elements , the brush strokes become looser, flowing around and between elements with a more impressionistic feel. Once this step is complete, we produce the fine art giclée print. Pigment-based archival inks are laid onto the finest acid-free canvas for a product of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability ensuring this portrait will endure through this generation and serve many others to come. The giclée canvas is then pulled over a wooden stretcher frame and prepped for hand embellishments and a brushed acrylic clear finish. Embellishments of color are carefully added to enhance surface relief and depth of the image. The result is a mixed-media piece that is breathtaking…











"Kibbee does beautiful work - true artistry. It was delightful to work with him."

--- Gail H.







306 N Spokane St A,
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Ph: 208.773.9712



"My portrait is way more that just another picture....As a personal trainer I always encourage my clients to do a before and after photo. Kibbee encouraged me to do MY "after" photo. I reluctantly agreed. I don't like having my photograph taken or showcasing myself. 2 weeks prior to the shoot I told Kibbee I was ready. He quickly booked my session. I had so much anxiety leading up to the shoot I even lost sleep! I didn't realize until after the shoot how meaningful these photos would be. I thought back on the times in my life that I had my picture taken professionally and could only recall my wedding day. I never graduated from high school and my Mom always showcased my siblings photos on her wall and mine was not there. I WILL get my portrait printed and THIS is my Senior portrait 25 years later.

Kibbee made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I'm writing this to encourage others to stop waiting for tomorrow, next year, or when your body is perfect! A photograph is worth a million words.

Kibbee also photographed my 40th birthday. He captured some priceless images. My friend Scotty who has now passed was in those photos. That's the last time we saw him. You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

- Melissa V.


"Hands down best commercial photo shoot I've ever had done for my company. Kibbee is an extremely talented professional."

- Sarah B.



306 N Spokane St A,
Post Falls, ID 83854



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