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At Artisan Portrait, we live by the words "you reap what you sow". Small businesses like us thrive only when the community it’s a part of thrives as well. By giving generously through a variety of events and avenues we have been blessed to see our studio and ever-expanding circle of business contacts and friends, grow. The ability to give is something that we truly cherish. Each year, we set a goal to donate $250,000 of goods and services to help raise funds for local charitable groups. If you know of an event that could use our help, please let us know!

Do you have a benefit or charity event coming up that could use an auction item? Our tried and proven approach to generate the maximum amount of funds for your cause, is delightfully simple.

In most silent auctions, donors compete against one another for a single item and the charity receives just one donation. We have a solution that maximizes your proceeds with a multi-winner item.

Everyone that pledges $99 to your cause through our portrait display will receive a $500 portrait certificate. Our display kit includes a framed portrait and easel, a small sign explaining bid process and what’s included in the $500 portrait certificate, portrait guides and thank you receipts. We will also provide the custom sign-up form so we can mail the follow-up information packet directly to each donor that includes their actual $500 portrait certificate, a thank you letter and other important information about their certificate and how to redeem it.  

There is no limit to the number of bidders that can purchase a certificate, so the fundraising potential is greatly increased. When the display gathers ten pledges, it raises nearly $1000 for the charity and offers $5000 worth of portraits. If we can achieve this measure of success for just 50 charitable groups in our area each year, we’ll reach our $250,000 goal.  

If you would like to request a donation to your auction, please complete this donation request form and we will promptly be in touch! 





306 N Spokane St A,
Post Falls, ID 83854
Ph: 208.773.9712


306 N Spokane St A,
Post Falls, ID 83854



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