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Artisan Portrait offers a wide array of Coeur d’Alene Corporate photos to display in your office, on social media, your website and any other marketing that requires photos or portraits. We are happy to come to your location for group photos, professional headshots, real estate photos, product photography or fun team photos. The Artisan Portrait studio is located in Post Falls so when coordinating many people for their headshots at once seems impossible, we will accommodate individual schedules in our studio. Artisan Portrait offers competitive pricing on professional corporate photo packages so give us a call to get a quote and schedule your corporate photography planning session appointment..






















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Post Falls, ID 83854
Ph: 208.773.9712



“We want to spread the good word about Artisan Portrait, and their master photographer, Kibbee Walton. Kibbee exhibits extraordinary talents and solid business integrity. He is easy and creative to interact with; he shines with enthusiasm and fresh ideas in his portrait and photography works.

We regularly have stunning smile pictures provided by Kibbee after braces or Clear Aligners treatments – patients love this! Kibbee makes sure that each individual client feels highly important and energized during his photo sessions. This means simply sensational portraits. Families are impressed too. I have witnessed patient’s light up with joy, and even shed a tear when they first see a Kibbee photographic art-piece or portrait.

On the personal family side, Kibbee planned and completed an exceptional outdoor session with our whole family including 8 grand kids. He drew out the best of each person in that moment. Imagine the significance of his portraits, which now adorn our entryway and up the staircase wall. Every visitor pauses and admires what Kibbee captured of our family moments around our home site. Each day our hearts are warmed as we gaze at these photographic treasures in our home. We deeply appreciate what he created for us. Each person who sees these wants to do the same for their families. I cannot find words enough to thank and describe Kibbee’s talents."

- Duane Grummons, DDS, MSD


"Dear Kibbee,

 I wanted to reach out and let you know just how much we enjoy the portrait you created for our family. I have to admit, in the beginning I thought the price was a little high but now that we’ve had it hanging in our living room for several months I’ve come to appreciate its true value. Every time I enter the room, I am reminded just what my family means to me. More than once it has reminded me that a phone call is overdue.

When guests come to our home it is the first thing they see and it’s a perfect intro to talk about our kids. It reminds us again just how special they are. It also gives us an opportunity to talk about the portrait process and how flexible and helpful you were to meet our tight schedule.

Thanks again for giving us something we value a lot more than the cost of the portrait. If you ever find yourself in need of a testimonial, please feel free to give your client my name and number. I will be happy to share our wonderful experience."

- Alan Wolf


"I have been working with Kibbee for many years on my portraits for my professional life but just recently we used him for our staff photos.  He was always on time, always prepared and even remembered the names of 18 people and got them all looking at the camera and smiling!  I am now having him do my family portrait. Thanks Kibbee for your professionalism! ."

- Dr. Erin E.


306 N Spokane St A,
Post Falls, ID 83854



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